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The Pelican | Sat 22 & Sun 23 Feb 7.30pm

An ensemble of recent Drama Centre Graduates and an international Director, working through etudes to explore human nature in plays and literature and inviting audiences to experience the complexities of life.
A recently widowed Mother makes advances on her Son-in-law. Her Son and Daughter are starting to ask questions about the household in which they grew up cold and hungry. Her Son-in-law awaits the inheritance from the deceased. And the recently deceased Father says more from his grave than he ever did while living.
“My contempt for life, humanity, society and myself is so boundless, that I can’t be bothered to live anymore…”
Written in 1907 by August Strindberg – one of the major pioneers of modern drama, ‘The Pelican” is a merciless study of human nature, with surgical precision cutting into the depths of psyche to explore the effects of fostering false illusions.
 Director Saulius Kovalskas: “This play, despite being written over a hundred years ago, deals with issues that are only too contemporary. Strindberg, influenced by Swedenborgian philosophy, mercilessly dissected his own personality and experiences, exposing the timeless subconscious processes that govern our daily existence and expressed these invisible forces through concrete forms and shapes in this intimate household drama.
The main antagonistic force in this play isn’t any particular character – it’s the weaknesses and flaws that the humanity struggles to overcome on a daily basis: from pleasuring themselves with flattering illusions – to inventing endless justifications that enable the avoidance of responsibility – to falling prey to the liberating belief of victimhood and through the self-proclaimed martyrdom becoming the executioners of others.”
Director: Saulius Kovalskas
Translator: Gregory Motton
Set Designer: George Cosbuc
Composer: BIONICS
Poster designer: Edvinas Batulevičius
Cast: Jessica Kinsey, James Viller, Laura Pujos, Johny Gill
Duration: 50 min
Contains distressing subject matter, might not be suitable for children under 14 years old.


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