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“Six months of drama classes at YATI has done more than three years of therapy, now my son has recovered from serious PTSD and depression… I don’t know how to thank you”
YATI are passionate about empowering young people to reach their full potential through the performing arts.
If you have personal experience or are connected to YATI, or simply recognise how essential personal skills acquired through drama can transform the life prospects of a young person, or if you have a pure love of theatre and wish to nurture the younger generation’s enthusiasm and talent? 
You can make a huge difference to these incredible young people by becoming an Angel or a member of our President’s Circle today.  YATi is a small mostly self-funded charity and to ensure we can offer opportunities and help as many people as possible, we really do need your support.

Become a Guardian Angel!

£500 pays for 2 of the most disadvantaged young people to access classes for one year.
£1500 pays for essential maintenance of our beloved theatre building for one year.
Please consider becoming a Guardian angel or member of the Presidents Circle.

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