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You can now book our summer holiday courses! Email Kate@youngactors.org.uk to book your place(s)


Please note that we are now hosting Senior Musical Theatre Boot Camp and no longer hosting the Adults Acting for camera course.



ACTING FOR CAMERA (JUNIORS 7 – 12 years) | Mon 23 July – Fri 27 July  10.30am – 1:30pm

Most acting training in the world is theatre based and it is true to say that a theatre actor can also be an excellent film and TV actor. However there are subtle differences between the two crafts. Join this course to learn the tricks of the TV trade and how to adjust your acting style to fit the small screen. Jared is a YATI graduate and was in the regular cast of Hollyoaks for 18 months and Talia is one of our most popular junior teachers. Plus – you’ll get to see yourself on TV! £99/£79 concessions (£40 deposit)


INTRODUCTION TO ACTING (PRE-JUNIORS 4 – 6 years) | Mon 23 July – Weds 25 July 2 – 5pm

It’s never too early to start learning how to act! Whilst actors need to be good listeners, good team players, work hard at learning lines and be confident they also need to be really good at playing! Join Talia for some fun and games and before you know it you will be confident in your acting and performing with confidence! £59 (£20 deposit)





ACTING FOR CAMERA (SENIORS 12 – 15 years) Thurs 26 July – Fri 27 July 2 – 5pm

An intensive session of acting to camera technique with two of our teachers who are both TV regulars. Learn about different types of shots, angles and hitting your mark and how to adjust your acting technique to please the camera! £59/£49 concessions (£40 deposit)




MUSICAL THEATRE BOOT CAMP (SENIORS 12 – 15 years) Sat 28 July – Sun 29 July 10am – 6pm
This weekend intensive will equip you with the unique musical theatre skill set and knowledge that will help you on your way to becoming a complete triple threat. The program will focus on intensive training and skill acquisition in the areas of singing, dance and acting as well as audition technique, acting through song, industry preparedness, solo and group work. Participants should come ready to work hard and have fun in this intensive, boot camp style weekend. Tutors Susannah Gidley & Toto Wykeham. £109/£99 concessions (£40 deposit)





THE ESSENTIAL ACTORS TOOLKIT  (JUNIORS 6 – 11 years) | Mon 30 July – Fri 3 Aug 10.30am – 1:30pm

A week long course for juniors who are passionate about acting and want to expand their knowledge and abilities. This course is also industry focussed and in addition to the key acting tools of voice work, understanding a dramatic text, creating a character and physical theatre it will also cover audition technique, self-taping, accents and sight reading. Expect lots of hard work and lots of fun too. Led by Eleanor Dillon-Reams who is not only one of YATI’s most popular teachers but also a very busy working theatre actor. Beginners welcome!
£99/£79 concessions (£40 deposit)


Seniors and Adults – choose from the week-long menu of courses that appeal to you or join us for a five-day acting workout.
£39 per half day/£33 concessions
£59 per full day/£54 concessions
£99 for 2 full days/£88 concessions
£150 for 3 full days/£120 concessions
£199 entire week/£150 concessions


IMPRO! (SENIORS 12 -16 years & ADULTS 16 years+) | Mon 30 July 13:30 – 16:30
Join Andrew Harries, the Artistic Director of Young Actors Theatre for an improvised afternoon. Andrew has over 30 years experience in directing actors; join him for a fun afternoon of theatre sports.
Learn the rules of impro and explore how it can be used for comedy, for serious drama and to create character, situation and location.
Impro for Juniors is available in Week 4 with Joey Jarossi, see below.



PHYSICAL THEATRE (SENIORS 12 -16 years & ADULTS 16 years+) | Mon 30 July 17:00 – 20:00
Lee White is a Commedia Dell Arte expert, mask maker, clown, puppeteer and expert on all things physical. Here is an evening of physicality and fun exploring the history and practice of storytelling with actions rather than words.




SIGHT READING & AUDITION TECHNIQUE (SENIORS 12 -16 years & ADULTS 16 years+) | Tues 31 July 13:30 – 20:00
An absolutely essential skill for the serious actor.  Learn how to bring an unseen piece of dramatic text to life and perform rather than read it.  Many actors are not necessarily good readers and indeed lots of actors are dyslexic but sight reading is really about acting rather than reading skills.  Learn how to rock an audition with this technique.
For your second session with Mercy you will really hone in on how to do an audition.  What do they want?  How can you impress?  What should you do and what shouldn’t you do?  Mercy is your ideal guide for this as she does lots of auditions for professional theatre and always gets the job!


VOICE (SENIORS 12 -16 years & ADULTS 16 years+) | Weds 1 Aug 13:30 – 16:30
Arguably there is nothing more important for an actor than their voice.  If you’ve cracked physical theatre and impro already this week – now it’s time to give your voice a proper theatrical workout.  What techniques and exercises should you be doing to ensure you project, articulate and annunciate properly and how can you make your voice as expressive and free as possible?  Join one of our Professional Acting Foundation Course voice tutors, the phenomenally experienced Lucy Atkinson, and get yourself really heard!



THE METHOD (SENIORS 12 -16 years & ADULTS 16 years+) | Weds 1 Aug 17:00 – 20:00
The method is both the most widely misunderstood acting technique in the world and also the most important! Join Artistic Director Andrew Harries and find out what it really is; its history, its techniques and how to actually do it.
Just as he draws the best out of actors, Andrew rapidly gains the trust of the people he coaches, helping them to communicate with confidence, clarity and style.Notable alumni of Andrew’s teaching methods are Asa Butterfield and Ella Purnell, Not for the fainthearted!


MUSICAL THEATRE (SENIORS 12 -16 years & ADULTS 16 years+) | Thurs 2 Aug 13:30 – 20:00
A double session exploring the art of the musical!  It’s acting, it’s singing and it’s dancing but most of all it is a different way of telling a dramatic story.  How do harmonies work?  What’s the difference, theatrically, between solos and chorus numbers? When and why does ‘the book’ suddenly demand a song?  Join Susannah Gidley to work on a famous musical – and perform it at the end of the day! Susannah’s extensive teaching experience includes Choral Director and Massed Choir Conductor at the Victoria State Schools Spectacular, Vocal Tutor at the Australian Girls Choir, a3 – Australian Arts Alive and GOZ – Girls from Oz, Hey Dee Ho Music, Baby Love Music Fun and private one-to-one coaching in schools.


SHAKESPEARE FOR THOSE THAT HATE SHAKESPEARE (SENIORS 12 -16 years & ADULTS 16 years+) | Fri 3 Aug 13:30 – 16:30
Doing Shakespeare in School can be deadly dull.  But doing Shakespeare in a theatre can be a revelation.  Shakespeare wasn’t written to be read but to be performed.  Spend the afternoon working on monologues and scenes and fall in love with the bard!
Andrew combines coaching with experience as a successful theatre director. He has extensive directing experience at the Theatre Royal Bath.


STAGE COMBAT (SENIORS 12 -16 years & ADULTS 16 years+) | Fri 3 Aug 17:00 – 20:00
Discover how to have a very realistic fight without getting hurt!  And along the way learn all sorts of things about theatre you never knew before.
Rob Leonard is a Certified Teacher with the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat. He has taught workshops across the UK, in Germany and the USA. Rob was also resident stage combat tutor at the Italia Conti and currently teaches at RADA.




GLEE CLUB (JUNIORS 6 – 11 years) Mon 6 – Fri 10 Aug 10:30 – 17:00
It wouldn’t be YATI summer school without GLEE CLUB!  This is one of our most popular course and always books up first so do get in quick if a whole week of learning mash ups of pop and musical theatre songs, improvising dramatic scenes and learning dance moves is your thing. £199/£149 concessions (£60 deposit)
Tutors – Susannah Gidley & Eleanor Dillon Reams


MUSICAL THEATRE (JUNIORS 6 – 11 years) Mon 13– Fri 17 Aug  10:30 – 13:30
A week of practical work on that most popular of dramatic art forms the Musical! As well as learning numbers from current and classic shows you will explore what it is that makes the form so wonderful and entertaining; harmonies, solos, choreography and ‘the book’ and a look at that moment where naturalistic acting and storytelling just has to move into the musical number! £99/£79 (£40 deposit)
Tutor – Susannah Gidley


IMPRO! (JUNIORS 6 – 11 years)  Mon 13– Fri 17 Aug 14:00 – 17:00
Every good actor needs to be a good improviser!  Here’s a week exploring the ground rules and techniques of impro.  Many non-theatre types are amazed by the wondrous talents of someone who can ‘just make it up on the spot’ and delight and entertain an audience but the good news is the basic skills are really quite simple and easy to learn – and after that the sky’s the limit and there’s great fun to be had.  Join Joey for a week of all things improvised! £99/£79 (£40 deposit)
Tutor – Joey Jarossi
BOOK BOTH COURSES AND SAVE! £185/£145 (£60 deposit)

Mon 20 – Fri 31 Aug  10:30 – 17:00 (excl. Sat & Sun 25 & 26)

The culmination of our Summer School is two weeks spent on creating a full production for performance.  Everyone involved will be cast in a part, have lines and moves to learn and work as a company on a fully staged play with costumes, scenery, props and lights.  This course is hard work but very rewarding as you go on the journey form sitting in a circle and reading the script for the first time on day 1 to the magic of performing in front of a full theatre on the last!
Director – Jonny Woolf
£310/£250 concessions (deposit £75) 


Supervision is provided over lunch time and the YATI tuck shop will be open for top ups – but do bring a packed lunch. *Please note that deposits are non-refundable*

 Email Kate@youngactors.org.uk to book your place(s)



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