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21st-23rd July
On the 21st of July , we had a theatre performance of Moira Buffini’s Loveplay which was running for 3 nights. The performance was at the Young Actors Theatre Islington. The actors and actresses were all ages between 18-24 years old and are part of our professional acting foundation course. This play was led by a professional production team. The performance had an excellent turn out on all 3 nights.
Moira Buffini’s Loveplay is play which is set around two thousand years ago which takes us through the roman temple to the medieval abbey, elegant town house and the Victorian studio and 1960’s squat and eventually becomes a modern dating agency. Loveplay takes place in an London location. The 31 characters in the play remind the audience that the search for love throughout history has been depressing and volatile.
Loveplay is an incisive, funny and sharply observed piece of theatre about changing
social, economic and sexual moves.
Dorcas- Ruby Herrington
Marcus- Alexi Smith
Eric – Adnan Mustafa
Herek- Louis Kyriacou
Derek- Luke Culloty
Woman- Eileen Duffy
Matilda- Carmen Cousens
Gilda- Fiona Mischel
Hilda- Sarah Collins-Waters
Helen- Emerald Gould
Llewellyn – Luke Culloty
Trevelyn-Adnan Mustafa
Roxanne-Jemina Jane Udin
Marianne- Phoebe Martin
Man- Alexi Smith
Miss Tilley-Eileen Duffy
Mr Quilly- Luke Culloty
Millie- Phoebe Martin
De Vere- Alexi Smith
Buttermere- Adnan Mustafa
Boy- Louis Kyriacou
Joy-Carmen Cousens
Flynn- Sarah Collins-Waters
Quinn- Luke Culloty
Lynne-Emerald Gould
Gwynn-Louis Kyriacou
Briggaita- Ruby Herrington
Rita-Eileen Duffy
Anita-Fiona Mishcel
Dieter- Alexi Smith
Peter-Adnan Mustafa
Production Team
Director- Andrew Harries
Production/Stage Manager-Anoushka Hughes Lewis
Assistant Stage Manager- Tran Le & Isseu Voger
Front of House- Kate Kalvinos
Set Design- Anoushka Hughes Lewis & Andrew Harries
Set Construction- Anoushka Hughes Lewis & the company
Costume- Linyi Jia
Hair & Make up Design- Darren Star Buswel
Lighting & Sound – Michael Corcoran
Board Op- Jack Elderfield
Video – Nick Strachan
Design- Josemcgill.com
Actors headshot- Melanie Brown
Publicity & Fundraising- Jamie Lynch & Emila Gilly


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