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LAMDA Grades 1-8 with Barney

YATI is teaming up with MyLamdaTutor and offering members the opportunity to work towards LAMDA qualifications.  These classes are open to members aged 6 to adult, and will be online and led by Barney McElholm. You can sign up directly by clicking here – SIGN UP NOW

LAMDA Exams is the UK’s oldest and most highly respected awarding body for Acting and Speaking in Public exams! As you work through Grades 1 – 8 you’ll develop the skills to explore a character and understand subtext or learn how to write and deliver speeches like your favourite TED Talkers. The LAMDA classes are weekly one-to-one sessions which take place on ZOOM. After one or two terms you’ll be examined by a LAMDA Examiner on ZOOM as well! And, once you get to Grade 6, you can even earn extra UCAS points for your university applications!
The first session begins on Tuesday 27th April and will run for 10 consecutive weeks with the last session being on Tuesday 29th June. We will then submit the students for Remote Online Assessment (Zoom Exam) at a LAMDA Exams Public Centre on the weekend of 3/4 July or 10/11 July depending on LAMDA’s availability.  £175 (+ exam fee) per term.
Barney McElholm will be running the sessions 18.30 – 21.30 on Tuesday evenings meaning there are 6 x places available. If it’s really popular we may open up sessions on Wednesday evenings as well.
Please note: Acting (Grades 6 – 8) and Speaking in Public (Grades 4 – 8) will take place over two terms because of the increased workload for students. See the video below for more details.


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