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LAMDA EXAMS Grades 1 – 8

LAMDA Exams are back for the Autumn Term! Last term every single student achieved a DISTINCTION!
These classes are ONLINE 1-2-1 tutoring sessions that are open to members aged 8+, and you can sign up directly by clicking here – SIGN UP NOW
What are LAMDA Exams?
LAMDA Exams is the UK’s oldest and most highly respected awarding body for Performance and Communication exams! As you work through Grades 1 – 8 you’ll develop the skills to explore a character and understand subtext and how to use your voice and body to communicate effectively. LAMDA Examinations have a reputation for excellence across the globe, and are recognised by all further education establishments. It is also worth mentioning that high marks in the top grades of LAMDA exams count for points in UCAS applications!
What exam should I take?
Students memorise and rehearse two monologues from plays – one set piece from a list provided by LAMDA and an ‘own choice’ piece.  They are also prepared for the Knowledge section at the end of the exam, when they are asked questions on the pieces they have performed.

Students memorise and recite two pieces – one poem and one extract from a novel. The students are also required to do ‘sight-reading’ by reading a text aloud that they’ve never seen before. Then, they answer questions about their pieces and literary devices. Fits nicely with English studies at school.

When do the lessons take place and how long are they?
The LAMDA classes are weekly 30min one-to-one sessions which take place on ZOOM. After one or two terms you’ll be examined by a LAMDA Examiner on ZOOM as well!
The first session begins on Tuesday 21st September and will run for 10 weeks with the last session being on Tuesday 7th December. We will then submit the students for Remote Online Assessment (Zoom Exam) at a LAMDA Exams Public Centre on the weekend of 10/11th December.

Who will my teacher be? This term the LAMDA exams course is being led by actor, and LAMDA graduate Annabel Betts – https://www.spotlight.com/3718-3423-8701
How is my child’s grade decided?
If your child has taken LAMDA exams before we will continue on the following grade. If your child is new to the LAMDA exams the teacher will make an assessment and enter your child for the appropriate grade.
How much are the course fees?
The fees are £195 per term paid for when you sign up in the YATI members portal.
Grades 1 – 5 = 1 term
Grades 6 – 8 = 2 terms
Are there any additional costs?
Yes, the exam fees are additional and range from £44 – £97 (each grade has an incremental cost).  My LAMDA Tutor will collect this directly from you 6 weeks prior to the exam date.


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