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Are you interested in learning to make your own films?
We have two separate offers for film makers; film club and film company. Both are free to join and led by award-winning filmmaker Matthew McPherson.


FILM CLUB – for anyone who is interested in exploring the film making process and getting in-depth experience on a weekly basis.
Every September, January and April anyone can register to join the Film Club for a minimum three month term. It’s free to join and has limited spaces.
Covid depending, we hope to be together for our weekly meetings in the YATI building. Covid has disrupted our plans for a term to be spent at Samsung KX where we are being welcomed by Samsung to make use of their equipment to experiment with, but it is feasible sessions will be relocated there.
  • The Film Club is a group of up to 15 entry level film makers who have the interest and focus to develop their skills in producing their own films and content. Anything from 20 second clips, sharing techniques and tricks, writing, filming and editing. We mainly use smart phones, but there is no reason why anyone with any other personal equipment that they can’t use it. There are also opportunities, where relevant , that members of the film club will be able to work with higher level kit
The club works on any number of small film projects at the same time. They meet once per week – and have a small training session on learning the ‘planning and project management’ side of the process. You will be encouraged to make films using mobile phones, edit using simple editing software and get it entered into film festival circuit, shown in our very own YATI cinema or published online.
We strongly advise that participants invest in a smart phone tripod, and smart phone tripod adapter for getting the most out of the sessions.
When: Weekly meetings are IN-PERSON OR ZOOM ONLINE every Saturday from 10.00-11.30am. Non-YATI members will need to pay membership (£10/£5 concs)
Where: 70-72 Barnsbury road, Islington. N1 0ES. Nearest Tube Angel, on the northern line OR ZOOM ONLINE
What will it be like?
The film club is led byActor and film-maker Matthew McPherson from YATI with special industry guests such as writers, cinematographers and editors, who will be supporting the development of your ideas and offering help for working behind the scenes in the industry.
We also have the support of James Bowsher from the National Film and Television School, with film study and opportunities for the over 16’s to apply for production assisting work on professional sets when conditions allow.
Each weekly session will loosely follow a production project management structure to produce short films of all kinds. Expect anything from simple stop motion animation projects to music videos, documentaries and even your own short film.
The sessions are suitable for young Actors but it is important to recognise the focus on the work in these sessions is not on performance and more story telling and presenting those ideas on screen.
FILM CLUB is from 10.00- 11.30am IN-PERSON or ZOOM ONLINE
Cost: It’s FREE for any YATI member! (Join YATI for just £10 per year) Please remember that although this club is being offered to you for free, it was actually an expensive course but has been paid for by Islington Borough Council, and so we are counting on you to attend your free place. The first thing about making films, is showing up – make sure you turn up on time. (I’d cut the next bit) On professional TV and Film sets, it can cost thousands of pounds if actors or staff are late. So we will be strict on time-keeping.
Sign-up or join the waiting list below.


YAFco is aimed at older film makers who have attended consistently and been available on a daily basis.
Entry is by invite only, due to substantial commitment required.
If you feel like you have skills or the interest and means to develop skills in the key areas of film making do get in touch as we appreciate other passionate and committed film makers. Currently composers and/or sound recordist/editors are of particular interest to us.
When: Weekly meetings are currently  every Saturday from 12.00-13.30pm.
Where: ONLINE or at 70-72 Barnsbury road, Islington. N1 0ES. Nearest Tube Angel, on the northern line.
Just email Jamie@youngactors.org.uk and say that you want to join the  film club or film company. Please note that entry to the Film Company is by invite only. Selection is not based on talent or ability, but based on track record of Film Industry basic requirements:
  • 100% punctuality
  • commitment (we need to see that you work outside of sessions)
  • availability (you must attend at least 10/12 sessions per term)

Matthew McPherson
Matthew runs the Film department at YATI. Film Club and the Film Company where he mentors students as they embark on their first projects.
As an Actor his work includes credits for the Royal Shakespeare Company, Propellor Theatre Company and West End plays. For screen he’s played multiple roles in independent film and television.
Over the years, Matthew developed an obsession for working behind the camera and has gone on to produce award winning short films, work on production for shows broadcast on BBC and Netflix and is a frequent freelancer at pinewood studios where he works right across the film making spectrum in pre production, directing and post production. He is soon to direct an ambitious short film based on Dorothy Lawrence, a reporter and the only woman to have made it to the front line, disguised as a Tommy in 1915.
He has taught film making for many years to people of all ages and internationally. He sees it more of an extension of his own development allowing those that share the same passion to come along for the ride and work together.



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