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Boy Soldiers Film

Boy Soldiers Film
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Boy Soldiers Film

A group of YATI students have recently been cast in a film about Boy Soldiers. The piece, produced by Mark Maxwell and Three Legged Theatre Company, explores from a contemporary perspective, the experiences of underage boy soldiers in the First World War through the letters they wrote home.
The piece which is funded by the Museum of London is a pilot project, and it is hoped it will act as a promotional tool to raise further funding for a longer film . YATI members Alexi Smith, Aldous Squire, Chloe Hannaford played the lead roles in the piece with Charlie Clarke, Kieton Saunders-Browne, Ellis Higgins, James Viller, Calypso Keane and George Erwin contributing voiceovers.
A further five YATI students gallantly worked as extras playing a football game to provide the background for one of the scenes. The piece was filmed on location at a reconstructed trench near Gatwick and in Barnard Park, Islington. It featured biographical details uncovered through research done by historian John Shepherd at Islington Museum about some of the 50 underage boys from Islington that went to the front and did not return. The pilot film is expected to be completed by early summer 2015.


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