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A letter from our Director: The future reopening of Young Actors Theatre

FRIDAY 10th JULY 2020
Dear Members, Parents and Friends
I write to bring you as up to date as possible with the situation regarding the future reopening of Young Actors Theatre.
Whilst advice from central government is vague, confusing and often seemingly counter intuitive, we are working with Public Health England Local Corona Virus Response Cell and the LBI Local Public Health Team, who are now running fortnightly meetings with organisations such as ourselves and keeping us abreast of up to date guidance and regulations. We are confident that we are plugged in to sensible and timely advice and support.
In theory we could reopen now in a legal sense but the advice remains to avoid public transport where possible, not to mix with more than one other household indoors, for children to attend non school activities in groups of no more than 15 and for these activities to remain consistent for a period of two weeks. Public performance remains banned.
We are also advised that singing, ‘conversing loudly’ and shouting should be avoided. I don’t know about you but a drama class that doesn’t have at least some of the above in it doesn’t sound like much fun to me.
We feel that, although ‘zoom fatigue’ is becoming a bit of a thing, it makes much more sense for us to keep our summer activities online and work towards a September reopening. We have a wonderful array of summer activities programmed and of course physical distance is no barrier to joining these and social distancing is not a problem.
We will use the next couple of months to work with the two organisations named above and carry out risk assesments, building modifications and to put in place protocols to ensure safety and robust infection prevention and control procedures for members, staff and visitors.
We are as keen as you are to get back into our theatre but will only do this when we genuinely believe it is safe to do so and when we have the green light from the relevant authorities.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bearing with us and continuing to support us in particular and the arts in general.


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