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Acting classes are the main activity at Young Actors Theatre. Our classes are for learning performance skills, having fun, improving confidence and communication , nurturing creativity and talent and making new friends!
Any questions, just call 020 7278 2101 or email us: info@youngactors.org.uk
Classes run on weekday evenings and all day at weekends.
Classes are divided by age:
6-11years old (Juniors)
11-14years old (Seniors 1)
14-18years old (Seniors 2)
18years old plus (Adults)
Classes are usually held at our Barnsbury Road Theatre with some at Hargrave Hall and the Church on the Corner. All members attending regular classes have the chance to be considered for the agency but please note class attendance in no way guarantees professional representation.

This term’s teaching theme – “Ensemble”

The theme for this term is ensemble.  This is a French word that you will often hear in the world of theatre.  A group of actors (or singers/dancers/musicians) is often referred to as ‘an ensemble’ simply meaning a group but it also has a deeper meaning for actors.  It is about working intensely with your fellow performers and being acutely aware of and responsive to the group.  This makes acting incredibly alive and allows the audience to be transported into a complete fictional world.
Your teachers will be leading you through a series of ensemble exercises and techniques that will demand total sensorial, mental and physical involvement; when we see great ensemble acting on stage it looks effortless but it is in fact very hard work to achieve!  You will get to explore ensemble acting by working on chorus texts from ancient Greek tragedies and comedies.
We will also continue working on duologues and later in the term there will be duologue competition nights with celebrity guest judges!
Please download the full timetable.
Download Timetable
Our classes are shaped by our amazing teachers and you! They can explore improvisation, script work & acting exercises. You can create short performance pieces of your own. There are also opportunities to take part in performances from monologue evenings to our annual productions.
Throughout the year we also invite members to audition for the agency.
Click here for singing, dance, summer school & half-term classes.
We offer two weekly senior classes where the age range is 11 – 16 year olds. The rest of the senior classes fall into two categories; Seniors 1 for 11 – 14 years (Academic years 7, 8 & 9) and Seniors 2 for 14 – 17 years (Academic years 10, 11 & 12)Please refer to the timetable to see available senior classes.
We also offer senior members who have a strong commitment and ability the chance to attend an extra class per week at a discounted rate.This class will be in addition to your regular class and will give you the chance to study performance at an advanced level.The class is held on Tuesdays at 6.15 – 7.45pm.
In this class you will cover such subjects as audition technique, method acting, voice and singing, dance and movement and the theories of acting.
This class is monitored closely by the Director and Agents and representation will be offered to those we think suitable for professional work but please note that attending this class does not guarantee Agency representation.
The class is suitable for those who take drama seriously and are prepared to attend regularly and push themselves.  It will be of particular use to those who are studying drama at GCSE or A level and those considering Drama School or performance as a possible career. Please email Andrew at andrew@yati.org.uk explaining why you would like to be considered for this additional class.
The class costs £84 per term payable in advance.
£66 per half term (£58 concessions)
£111/£94 per term
£301/£255 per year (10% discount if you pay for a full year)
There is a one-off £10 registration fee for new members.
We fundraise in order to offer a limited amount of subsidised, and free places through our “360 Project”. Please contact us to find out more.


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