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There’s still one last chance to join the Young Actors film company.
Whether you’re posting a clip on social media, making a showreel, or just sending out a greeting to friends, today everyone is a filmmaker.
We want to bring YATI members together to learn how to get the best results from the equipment that you already own, or can borrow. Over a course of weekly classes, we will give essential instructions and tips to help amateur movie-makers – filming anything from family celebrations to no-budget movies – make their creations look and feel more cinematic.
The aim is to have a company of around 15-20 young people to work on producing any number of small film projects at the same time. The sessions will concentrate on learning the ‘planning and project management’ side of the process. You will be encouraged to make films using mobile phones, edit using simple editing software and get it published online. You will be expected to make movies in your own time more than during the sessions – although there will be filming sessions on Saturday sessions as well. The sessions will explore essential parts of the film-making process e.g. glossary of film-making; shot selection, storyboarding, casting, filming and post-production.
Company members may choose to work in small groups, or even on your own if you prefer, on any number of film ideas roughly split into three-month projects. The content is aimed at 14 years old and up, but anyone may get involved at diverse levels. No experience is necessary.
When: It will run every Saturday from 10.30-14.30pm. Just come along for about 10:10am, so that you can sign up and non-YATI members will need to pay membership (£10/£5 concs)
Where: 70-72 Barnsbury road, Islington. N1 0ES. Nearest Tube Angel, on the northern line.
What will it be like?
At the first sessions, you will be joined by Jamie Lynch from YATI, and Derek Oppong. You will learn about organizing the company members into small teams, and workout who wants to do “what” – and begin the process of ‘film study’ and making your own mini-movie projects.
Each weekly 4 hour session will loosely follow a production project management structure to produce short films.
Each session will be split in to two sections; training from 10.30-12pm and project work 12.30-2.30pm.
The study section would involve, for example watching the effective use of black and white footage, or low budget solutions to big problems, shot selection etc etc in professional films; and studying the film from a directors’ point of view.
The practice section would involve working on the information learned from the study section – splitting the group into a mixture of small film projects in groups and/or individuals working in parallel.
Each film group will share what they have done with the other groups; and the group can offer suggestions to help each other.
Got no ideas for films? One idea that anyone can join in on is called “Anti-Social Media” – As we will be using social media to promote the films, we want to explore the effect of social media or the mass media on our lives – but in a light-hearted, funny and clever way and use this theme to produce something positive, that was promote you as actors too. See an example here: https://youtu.be/GrQbIf7s8rg
What to bring: You need to bring some lunch with you as the session goes until 14:30pm. Bring a device with you maybe – a tablet or smartphone just in case.
Cost: It’s FREE for any YATI member! Please remember that although this course was being offered to you for free, it was actually an expensive course but has been paid for by Islington Borough Council, and so we are counting on you to attend your free place. The first thing about making films, was to be professional – make sure you turn up on time. On professional TV and Film sets, it can cost thousands of pounds if actors or staff are late. So we will be strict on time-keeping.
Just email Jamie@youngactors.org.uk and say that you want to join the company.
Film Company meetings;
Week One – Saturday 21 April
Week Two – Saturday 28 April
Week Three  –  Saturday 5 May
Week Four  –  Saturday 12 May
Week Five  –  Saturday 19 May
Week Six  –  Saturday 26 May
HALF-TERM BREAK – only the second weekend of the half-term off.
Week Seven –  Saturday 9 June
Week Eight  –  Saturday 16 June
Week Nine–  Saturday 23 June
Week Ten  –  Saturday 30 June
Week Eleven – Saturday 7 July
Week Twelve  – Saturday 14 July
 Can’t wait to get started? Check out these vlogs for inspiration and get going!
Stillmotionblog.com Youtube.com/Drumat5280 Youtube.com/indymogul Youtube.com/filmriot


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70-72 Barnsbury Road, Islington, London N1 0ES